Pole Hill

St Agnes Local Improvements Committee has been maintaining the memorial site at Pole Hill, so called because there used to be a large pole nearby used as a navigation aid to ships entering the harbour.

Some time between 2004 – 2007 the Parish Council, at the instigation of Eric Holderness, decided to tidy up the area and obtained permission to clear a small quarry-like area nearby.  Tommy Kalber did the work and it was decided to erect a stone in memory of all those who had served in the 2nd world war (not necessarily just those who were killed).  For several years a brief service was conducted there on Armed Forces day.

More recently the area had become somewhat unkempt and, after comments from Parishioners, the Parish Council asked the LIC if they could tidy up the area. This was duly requested and agreed by the LIC and the annual grant to the LIC from the Parish Council increased.

Pole Hill View 1
Pole Hill is situated near the cove on the southern side of Trevaunance Valley
Pole Hill View 2
The stone was erected in memory of all those who served in the 2nd World War.


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