About Us

Wheal Coates, St Agnes

The Committee was formed in 1935 and over the ensuing years has provided many improvements in the St. Agnes Ward (our remit). We are now a registered charity.

The following is a list of the main areas of our involvement.

We administer and maintain:-

In Trevaunance Cove (A particular wish of Alderman Kemp)
The Shelter and Steps.
The Green. Below the Jubilee Garden.
The Jubilee Garden.
The Car Park.
Provision of information signs in the cove.
Provision of a hut for the Car Park Attendant, resurfacing and white lining.

We Have Provided:-

Railings to the rear of the shelter.
A hand rail below the Jubilee Garden together with help for the extension of the rails above the boat pen.
Helped with the cost of repairs to the promenade on a number of occasions.
Granite steps leading from the shelter up to Quay House.
£2000 towards the cost of new steps leading up from The Driftwood Spars Hotel on the Coast Path.
A commemorative plaque for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. (In the Jubilee Garden)

We Give Financial assistance:-
a) Towards the removal of a dangerous rock outcrop above the beach.
b) To the Beach Management Committee.
c) To the Surf Life Saving Club.
d) To the R.N.L.I. (By means of loaning the car park on Lifeboat day)
e) To the Q.F.A. (Slipway repairs)
f) To the “Down Beach Gardens”.

In the St. Agnes Ward (The limit of our remit.):-
Wheal Friendly Retreat.
The Town Hill Site.
Re-designing and putting in place the small site next to the toilets in Vicarage Rd., together with its maintenance.
The wall of the free car park. Planted with small trees, shrubs and daffodils, the small garden at the entrance. We also provided the pedestrian entrance at the top of the park together with a wall seat and barrier.
The seasonal planting around the Parish Clock.
The verge in Penwinnick Road. Both the cutting and the daffodil planting.
Being instrumental in having bollards placed at the entrance to Vicarage Road because of vehicles damaging the verge.
Providing (with assistance from the P.C.) the main notice Board.
Provision of a handrail in Stippy Stappy.
Supplying a number of new waste bins.
Designing and providing the seat and surround around the holly tree outside the Garden of Rest.
Providing signs for the Garden of Rest.
Providing new paths and gates for the Garden of Rest.
Providing and maintaining Over 120 seats (including 7 for the Parish Council) in the St. Agnes Ward. Many of these are dedicated by relatives of departed family.

Other items include:-
Cutting a number of the Parish Footpaths.
Providing a metalled surface leading from the beach road to the Jubilee Garden and the Shelter. A joint project with the owner of the lane Mr. R. Stacey.
Paying for a number of new granite footpath signs.
Providing new Street Signs.
Providing way markers where the County Council has been unable to provide additional signs.
The topograph on the Beacon.
Publishing a footpath map. (Now defunct).
Provision of three “Welcome to St. Agnes” granite signs together with their maintenance.
Reinstating the cast iron finger post at the junction of Goonvrea Road and Beacon Road. (With assistance from Mr. R. Major).
Reinstating the signs on the unique milestone in Penwinnick Road.
Assistance with finance to the re-instatement of Footpath 59.
Being instrumental in a) Getting the footpath from Whitworth Close to Greenacres Farm recognised and put on the definitive map. (Mr. D. Docking) b) Getting the then District Council to donate the old Cameron Estate to the National Trust.
Maintaining two old red phone boxes for posterity.
WW1 plaque on the Parish Clock.

We give financial assistance to other organizations in the village where appropriate and funds are available including;

Goonown Playing Field Association
Beaconsfield Playing Field Association.
St. Agnes Boxing Club
St. Agnes Tennis Club
St. Agnes Croquet Club
St. Agnes Sports Club (Buildings, Football and Rugby Clubs)
St. Agnes Gig Rowing Club.
The Methodist Church. (Cooker for their Luncheon Club)
The Parish Church (Seats/Cooker for the Church hall) (Floodlighting of the Church)
St. Agnes Victorian Fayre (Insurance)
St. Agnes Carnival Committee.
St. Agnes Museum Trust.
St. Agnes Christmas Lights Committee.
St. Agnes Pre School.
St. Agnes Playgroup.
St. Agnes Theatre Players.
St. Agnes Not so Young Club.
Coast Watch.
St. Agnes Parish Council. (£500 towards their honesty boxes)
St. Agnes Mini bus.
The MMI.
St. Agnes Primary School.
St. Agnes W.I. Assistance with re-surfacing their car park.
Large donation for the defibrillator at the MMI.
Donation for the defibrillator to be sited at Trevaunance Cove.
The plaque on the old sentry box at Cameron Estate.

Many of these have been multiple donations.